FPM Chronological History

Filipino Pastoral Ministry in New York

24 Years in One Glance



Inception of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry dated back in 1981 when  Fr. Bobby Sison was then an Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa, NY.

He was Spiritual Director of the  first Santo Nino  Prayer  group in the tri-state area now called Infant Jesus Groups of Nassau based in Our Lady of Lourdes.

The movement for the canonization of San Lorenzo Ruiz  initiated in 1981 held prayer meetings and assembly in Massapequa, Long Island.

The Good Samaritan Foundation now known as Fr. Bobby Sison Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission started also in Massapequa to help poor but deserving seminarians pursue their vocation.  Now we have 38 ordained priests and graduates supported by the foundation.


The Santo Nino Prayer Group of NY founded in 1983 by devotees of Santo Nino.  The SPGNY  became the link of the FPM to our kababayans that the FPM serve.  They held their first Santo Nino Feast on the third Sunday of January at the St. Patricks Church in Long Island City, Queens.


The Santo Nino Prayer Groups of New York  split in two groups  – Manhattan Chapter and the Queens Chapter.  There were two fiesta celebrations every year the Queens chapter continued the January and the Manhattan chapter held their fiesta in June, every Fathers Day until 1990.

Summer 1987

Fr. Bobby Sison, accepted the invitation by the Scalabrinian Father to Our Lady of Pompei church to create a pastoral program  that will take care of the Filipino migrants in New York


July   –  The start of the  Novena Mass in honor of St. Bartholomew at Pompei.

Oct 26, 1988   –   The FILIPINO PASTORAL MINISTRY  was launched with the  FIRST NOVENA MASS in honor of OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP.



– The Filipino Pastoral Ministry published the Pastoral Network bulletin.

– FPM Volunteers notably: Nimia Lacebal, Dr. Ellice Flores, Siony Ababon, Zeny Calibag, Belinda Vargas, Margot Lloren and others.

Jun 18 – The first Santo Nino Fiesta celebration held at Pompei sponsored by SPGNY – Manhattan Chapter

Aug  –  Ma-Yi started in the basement of Our Lady of Pompei led by Cristina Sison, who was also the first volunteer Secretary of Fr. Bobby.



Fr. Bobby Sison took over as Director of San Lorenzo Ruiz Association of America (SLRAA).

Jan 12-15  –  Fr. Bobby Sison and Margot Lloren  represented the FPM to the first National Convention of the Filipino Apostolate in the US “Sandiwa I” in San Francisco, CA.

May 6 – The kick-off  of the San Lorenzo Ruiz celebration with Fr. Bobby Sison as Director at OL. Pompei.

“Alay Sagip Kapwa “ fund raising project was initiated by the FPM to help the victims of Mt. Pinatubo and the landslide in Mindoro.

Jul 4 –7     FPM staffers attended the SANDIWA II conference in Chicago, IL. Nimia Lacebal, Margot Lloren, Elice  Flores, Cely Medrano

July 13-Aug 3  JOB Fair sponsored by the FPM & Rhiga Hotel – job placement for many Filipinos

Dec 15 -23  The first Simbang Gabi sa Village was held for nine consecutive days.  It was later changed to Triduum  when the Filipino Mass became a regular Sunday Mass.

Dec 19 – Festival of Carols performed by the different choirs from the tri-state area.



Centennial of the Our Lady of Pompei  Church.

– The month of June was designated Filipino month by the Scalabrinian Fathers. The FPM Pastoral Network Team  was assigned to do the Souvenir Journal.

Jan   –   Office volunteers: Cely Medrano, Mercy Mosley

Apr  6  – The first Sayawan sa Village sponsored by SPGNY to raise funds for the first Flores de Mayo and the Santakrusan sa village and for the first combined Santo Nino Fiesta  (Queens, Manhattan, Bronx.)

Apr 14   – The first Misang Pilipino sa Village (Tagalog) officiated at Our Lady of Pompei  to start the Novena Mass in preparation for Santo Nino Feast day sponsored by  the combined group of the SPGNY.

– The SPGNY Bronx Chapter was added.

 May 5  – The first Sunday of the Flores de Mayo – Festival of Flowers for the month long celebration in May hosted by the SPGNY.

May 12  – First Mother’s day celebration for  all the mothers at Pompei.

May 26 First Santakrusan sa Village was held as the contribution to the Centennial celebration of Our Lady of Pompei church sponsored by the SPGNY. Auring Oler-Candarelli was the first Hermana Mayor.

Jun   8  –  The first Health Fair was held at Pompei sponsored by the Filipino Doctors and Nurses coordinated by Dr. Ellice Flores.

Jun 16  – The first combined Santo Nino Fiesta celebration (Queens, Manhattan & Bronx)  chapters of  the Santo Nino Prayer Groups of New York  on Fathers day  at OL Pompei Church with Manhattan Chapter as the first host.

July  The Filipino Pastoral Ministry was given a permanent office.

Dec 21  – The first Panunuluyan sa Village and Kapanganakan –a re-enactment depicting the search for an inn by St. Joseph and Virgin Mary. Himig Choir provided the music.

– The Filipino Pastoral Ministry  “Nutcracker”  – a colorful FPM production about the traditional Christmas preparation and gift giving for the children performed by the FPM volunteers.  Fr. Bobby Sison and Bro. Michael LaMantia were “Angels” in the play.

– Festival of Carols – the sound of Christmas Carols sung by the different choirs from different areas.



Jan 26 –  The first reunion celebration and meeting of the SPGNY chapters – Manhattan, Queens, Bronx at Pompei.

May 4-7   – The FPM members, volunteers and staff attended the Annual Scalabrinian Fathers Assembly held in Boston, MA.  Fr. Bobby Sison & Nimia Lacebal were invited as speakers to talk about the Filipino ministry. The Filipino Choir were invited to sing in the Eucharistic celebration after the assembly.

Jun   – FPM Volunteer Bro. Julian Jagudilla, OFM

July 17 –  The first Laksambayan Consultation Meeting with the different community leaders and the Scalabrinian Fathers.

Aug 17 –18     The FPM hosted the first visit of the Nuestra Senora Penafrancia to NY at Pompei sponsored by the Bicolandia Association.  Four Bishops concelebrated in a solemn Mass Bishop Almoneda, Bishop J.Varela, Bishop P. Iligan & Bishop P. Arellano.

Dec 22  –  The Panunuluyan sa Village was performed at the Philippine Consulate for the Simbang Gabi.



April 3  –  The first Pre-Cana Conference under the auspices of the Archdiocese of New York.  The service was available only to Filipino-American couples.


May 28 –  The Santo Nino Sinulog Group of Pompei was initiated by the members of the SPGNY, Aida Martin was the first leader of the group.

Jun 21 – The Hermana Mayor for the Baclaran sa Village Fiesta was selected after 8 years celebrating the feast day with the FPM members and volunteers coordinating the annual feast day. Josie Esguerra was the first Hermana Mayor.



Aug   – The Filipino Catholic was published.  It became the communication arm of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry.  Fr. Bobby was the Spiritual Director and contributor.  The “Happenings sa Village” was included in the Filipino Catholic in May 1997.

– Office volunteer – Salve Colina for SLRAA and FPM.



Oct 31 – The first Laksambayan Dinner Dance to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry.  Held at Sheraton Hotel in Queens.  It was Halloween theme.

– The first Laksambayan awardee were Ciony & Angel Ababon.

– SPGNY –  Queens split to create the Brooklyn chapter.

– First Marian Pilgrimage to Lourdes, Fatima and to Avila in Spain sponsored by the FPM.



Feb –  FPM sponsored Pilgrimage Trip to Holy Land and Athens.

-FPM  office volunteer – Dada Gurtiza-Bertrand



Jan 9  – The devotion to Poon Hesus Nazareno  was launched  to usher in the new millennium .  Cely Medrano donated the image of the Poon and became the first Hermana Mayor.

– The Filipino Mass became  part of the Sunday Mass Schedule  at 1:30 P.M. now moved to 3:00 P.M. because of  the addition of the Brazilian community.

Feb  – The Office of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry was given permission to use the whole basement offices of the parish.  Enough space for meetings, religious and social activities.

Apr 6 & 7 – The first Pabasa ng Pasyon sa Village sponsored by Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Village devotees.

Good Friday – Station of the Cross concert of the Our Lady of Pompei and Filipino Choir under the new OLP Music Director, Del Chavez. For the first time the Filipino choir members  joined the church choir for the concert.

May 27 – The first and only Saturday evening celebration of the Flores de Mayo and Santakrusan sa Village.

May 28 – The FPM hosted the 35th  Sacerdotal anniversary  to Priesthood of Fr. Bobby Sison.

Jun  – FPM sponsored  a pilgrimage to Rome for the Great Jubilee Year celebration  and to  attend  International Filipino Pastoral Ministry convention.

Dec 24  – The first Christmas Concert titled “Mary Did You Know” performed by the Our Lady of Pompei and Filipino Choir under Del Chavez, Music Director.



Feb 17 – The Line Dancing was first introduced at Pompei by Jun Makinano, teaching the FPM volunteers  some line dancing  steps in preparation for Fr. Bobby Sison’s birthday on Feb. 21.

“Libre Misa, Mesa, Sayawan at iba pa” was launched.

May 2 –  Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Visit by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini to the US.  The FPM volunteers and staff were in charge of the reception for over 700 guests and Scalabrinian priests. Cardinal Edward Egan was the main celebrant. The Filipino Choir joined the Pompei Choir sang in the Mass.

May 6 –  The feast of Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag was celebrated at Pompei for the first time.  The Very Rev. Isaia Birollo, c.s. the then Superior General of Scalabrianian Fathers was the main celebrant.

July 4  – the First Independence Day Barbeque Party held in the parking lot of the Our Lady of Pompei.

Sept 11  – The World Trade Center Tragedy.  The FPM welcomed the many Filipinos who could not go home on that tragic day to stay at the FPM community room.

– Mass held to remember the victims  especially the Filipinos sponsored by the San Lorenzo Ruiz Youth.

Sept 23 – The feast day of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila with a solemn procession of  San Lorenzo Ruiz in the village. All the devotees were carrying the American Flag to show unity.

Oct 13 –  Bishop’s Jose Palma’s Pastoral Visit to NY as Bishop and celebrating his 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary hosted by the FPM, Katbaloganon and the Calbayognon and other Waray groups.

Nov 21 – The first Thanksgiving Vigil Mass and Fellowship hosted by the volunteers and staff of the FPM.

Dec 31 –  the first New Year’s Eve party held at the office of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry for the volunteers and staff and those members who have no families to be with.



July  – Bible Study & Catechism Program – Fr. Ruben Camayo was the Spiritual instructor.

– Nancy Hombrebueno, FPM office  volunteer.

Oct 26  – The first Laksambayan Night was held at the Pompei Fr. Demo Hall .  Fr. George L. Atok, SDB was the Laksambayan awardee.



Sept 15 – Fr. Bobby Sison signed the lease agreement with the Scalabrinian Fathers for the San Lorenzo Ruiz Center, an extension of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry in Jamaica.

– FPM Running Team initiated by Del Chavez and Henry Medrano – whose goal is to raise funds for the Fr. Bobby Sison Kidney Fund.

Nov  20  – The day Fr. Bobby Sison, the Founding Director died from debilitating illness. A black Thursday for the volunteers and staff of the FPM.

Dec 18  – The election of Nick Libramonte as National Director of  San Lorenzo Ruiz Association of America (SLRAA) following the death of Fr. Bobby Sison.



Feb 6  – Pastor, Fr. Joseph Cogo,c.s. appointed Cely Medrano as Executive Secretary to run the office of the FPM until a new director  was appointed during the meeting of the volunteers and staff and the coordinators of the SPGNY.

Feb 22  – A Transition team was elected to assist the Executive Secretary .  The election of the FPM Executive Council  was supervised by Fr. George Atok, SDB and approved by Fr. Joseph Cogo, C.S.:  Treasurer – Sally Alonso Finance Committee – Dayday Unarosa,  Henry Medrano, Chit Laurencio, Auditor – Lulu Wong , Recording Secretary – Nancy Hombrebueno.

– The church basement office was renovated and the FPM office was downsized and reverted to its original place.  The rest of the basement was rented to ACHIM.

Apr 2 – 4   Pabasa ng Pasyon sa Village was transferred to the San Lorenzo Ruiz & Scalabrini Center in Jamaica.

Oct 27  – The arrival of  Msgr. Romulo Montero from Samar to replace Fr. Bobby as FPM Director.

Oct 30 – Laksambayan Night – Memorial Tribute to Fr. Bobby B. Sison,  for 17 years serving the Filipino migrants. Bishop Jose Palma, and the Scalabrinian Fathers were in attendance.


2005     Nov 20  –  First Founders Day in honor of Fr. Bobby Sison, FPM founding director

2006   Apr 14   –  The devotees of the Poon Hesus Nazareno joined the Brooklyn Bridge to Ground Zero Way of the Cross carrying the image in the procession for the first time.

2007    Dec 6   –   The FPM volunteers and staff joined the first Simbang sa Katedral at St. Patricks Cathedral (SGSK).



Apr 12 – First Marian Seminar conducted by Fr. Mike Lagrimas

Jun 15  – 25th Anniversary of the Santo Nino fiesta celebration – SPG NY.

Jun 25  – 20th Anniversary of the Baclaran sa Village

Oct 26  – 20th Anniversary of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry

Nov 15  – First Eucharistic Seminar



Feb 7 & 8  – Installation of  the FPM Lectors

Feb 16 – Laksambayan Meeting – Planning and Development

Aug 20 – Strategic Planning – part 3

Aug 29 – The formation of the Pastoral Plan 2009 of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry of Pompei.

– Launching of the FPM Laksambayan News bulletin that have update of the activities

Sept  – Typhoon  Ondoy Fund Raising was launched to help our kababayans, the victims of the devastating flood initiated by the devotees of Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Village

Oct 24 – FPM 21st Anniversary & Laksambayan Night

Nov 21 – Reorganization of the FPM



Jan 03 – 11th Annual Poon Hesus Nazareno sa Village – Henry Medrano, Hermano Mayor.

-A renewal of commitment of all the Past Hermano and Hermana Mayores and the investiture of the Poon Hesus Nazareno Medals.

– The Installation of the FPM Management Committee

Apr 24 – 20th Sayawan sa Village

May 30  – 20th Annual Flores de Mayo and Santakrusan sa village.

Jun 20  – 27th Santo Nino Fiesta hosted by the SPG NY – Manhattan Chapter

Jun 23  – 22nd Fiesta of the Mother of Perpetual Help

July 4 – 10th Annual July 4th Barbeque Party

Aug – The FPM and the FBSison Good Samaritan Foundation sent donation $10,000.00 for the Fr. Bobby Sison   Community and Social Hall of the St. Bartholomew Parish of Catbalogan, Samar.

Sept 26 – 29th Annual Fiesta celebration of San Lorenzo Ruiz held at Our Lady of Pompei. Cely Medrano – Hermana Mayor.

– San Lorenzo Ruiz Group of Pompei was formed.

Oct 1  –  The first visit of the Our Lady of Mediatrix – Lady of Grace of Lipa

Oct 10 – 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary to Priesthood of Fr. Mike Lagrimas hosted by the FPM

 Oct 23 –  22nd Annual Laksambayan Night & anniversary of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry

Dec  – The FPM Lectors were assigned to do readings for the 9:00 A.M. English Mass every first and last Sunday of the month.



Jan 19 – 20th Sacerdotal Anniversary to Priesthood of Fr. Warlito Namo

Mar 25  –  Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan celebrated the Memorial Mass at Pompei for 100th anniversary of the tragic fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

Apr 9  – 21st Annual Sayawan sa Village

Apr 15/16 – Pabasa ng Pasyon sa Village

Apr 22 – Good Friday – Annual Brooklyn Bridge Way of the Cross

May 29 – 21st Annual Flores de Mayo and Santakrusan sa Village

Jun 5 – Philippine Independence Day – FPM Santakrusan sa Village participated in the parade. Nick Libramonte, Grand Marshall

Jun 19 – 28th Annual Santo Nino Fiesta sponsored by the Santo Nino Prayer Group of New York

Jun 22 – 23rd Annual Fiesta of Mother of Perpetual Help

Jul 24  – Installation of new members – Liturgy of the Word Ministry of FPM Pompei.

Aug 20 – FPM Picnic at Sunken Meadow Park…. A big group participated.

Sep 4  – Feast of the Nativity of our Lady.

Sept 5 –  “Salo-salo and Pasasalamat”, send-off dinner party in honor of Fr. Mike Lagrimas. Leaving USA for the Philippines

Sept 18  – Health Fair – free clinic sponsored by NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health and the Kalusugan Coalition, Inc.

Sept 25 –  SLRAA celebrated the 30th anniversary feast day celebration of the San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila.

Oct 2  – Madona di Pompei feast day… Feast of the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary of  Pompei.

Oct 22  – The 23rd Annual Laksambayan Night – and 23rd anniversary of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry.

Nov 8-11 The First National Assembly of Filipino Priests – USA. Msgr. Romulo Montero attended the assembly held in Los Angeles, CA

Nov 19 – Cenacle and Bible Study.  The first of the series of mini-lectures on Scriptures conducted by Sem. Adolfo Novio, of St. Joseph Seminary.

Nov 20  -Founder’s Day: Remembering Fr. Bobby Sison for his 8th death anniversary

Dec 18  – “Red Nose Christmas Party” of the volunteers, members and staff of the FPM

Dec 24  – Nancy Hombrebueno & Allan Campos as the FPM representative, joined the Our Lady of Pompei Church Midnight Mass procession as Mary and Joseph.



Jan 8  – 13th  Annual Poon Hesus Nazareno sa village fiesta.  Nanding & Marilyn Castillo, Hermano & Hermana Mayor.

Jan 9  – 6th Annual Fiesta celebration of Poon Hesus Nazareno in Jamaica

Jan 14  – FPM family hosted a Surprise Birthday celebration for Cely Medrano.

Jan 29  -FPM celebrates the first Chinese New Year celebration  “Kung Hei Fat Choi” sponsored by the January birthday celebrators.  Year of the Dragon.

Feb 12  – Valentine’s and Birthday Combo Party

Mar 5  –  The first of the Film Series titled “Catholicism” was shown during the Fellowship at the Fr. Demo Hall  6 -7:00 P.M.

Mar 25  -Lenten Recollection after the 3:00. P.M. Filipino Mass. Guest speaker – Bro. Josefino Rono.

Mar 30/31 – Pabasa ng Pasyon.