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By | 16 September, 2017



FPM Pompeii Summer Fun is a multi-sport, Filipino games, talents and cultural Presentation events started through the initiatives of the members of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry of Our Lady  of Pompeii Church led by Alan Campos who conceptualize the event. Its purpose and objectives: to promote camaraderie, close and harmonious relationship among members,friends and parish administrators of the parish; to teach the value of teamwork; to help educate and showcase the Filipino talents, traditions and culture; to foster a feeling of belongingness to each other in the FPM; to have a great opportunity for each members to know each other,make new friends through weekends of sports, games, and fun. This is the 2nd year of Summer Fun which started in 2016.

FPM Summer Fun 2017 Family








FUN…FUN…FUN for the two day weekends on August 26 and 27 of friendly games and talent competition. There were 3 teams for the FPM Summer Fun 2017: Team A – Kapitbisig, Team B –Bayanihan Team C – Pasaway Champs. Each team has fun loving, and competitive but friendly members, which made the event so exciting.

The event was held at the Our Lady Pompei Playground instead of the School GYM. There was last minute changes because the School Gym was not available. Surprisingly, the weather cooperated, and the events on Day 1 were absolutely done in competitive and exciting passion.

The Opening Day on Saturday 11:00 AM August 26 started with the team parade with their respective banners. The ceremonial lighting and passing the Torch by each Team and finally handed to Fr. Mark Escobar to put in the torch holder.

The Cheering Competition was the first event which started with a Big Bang. It was the fierce stand loudest fun filled contest. Every team had a good cheering presentation but Team Pasaway Champs won the first place with their beautifully coordinated chants and dance production led by Marc Comia.Patintero proved to be an intense and competitive game won by the Team Kapitbisig. Basketball was won by Team Bayanihan. Basketball Shooting (Women) was won by MarcComia (Team Pasaway Champs). Badminton – Team Kapitbisig .

Indoor Games played and the winners were: Chess – Ed Pascual (Team Kapitbisig), Sungka –Evelyn Gomez (Team Kapitbisig), Scrabble – JP Afable (Team Bayanihan). The TableTennis was won by Team Kapitbisig; Table Soccer was won by Team Pasaway Champs. The Bible Quiz winner: JP Afable of Team Bayanihan. The FPM “Henyo” was won by Team Pasaway Champs .

The Minute to Win it games were played competitively by all the teams, with the Team Kapitbisig winning the most number of games out of 10 games played.



Day 2 was for the Cultural and Talent Night after the 3:00 PM Filipino Mass and a sumptuous potluck dinner prepared by all the Teams. The Karaoke (Solo) competition started with Norma de Jesus, Cora del Mar, and Dennis Coronell who won for the Team Bayanihan; Karaoke (Duet) participants were Aida Valdeviezo & Vicky Vinuya, Nancy Hombrebueno & Bernard de Leon, JP Afable and Dennis Cornell of Team Bayanihan won. Line Dance competition – won by the Team Bayanihan. The Folk Dance Tinikling performed by Jean Lagman & Joseph Lineses of Team Pasaway Champs (assisted by Alan and Henry) bested the rest of the team for first place.



The Drama competition was won by Team Kapitbisig. Special awards for the Best Actor and Best Actress were given to Kahrl Bigornia and Vicki Mariano respectively.


Congratulations to Team Bayanihan for their remarkable “Anak Pawis” winning the Best TeamPresentation. All the teams presented their best: Team Pasaway Champs did their Broadway production of Mama Mia and Dancing Queen, Team Kapitbisig for their presentation of the current events affecting not only the US but the around the world. It was really heartwarming to see a lot of improvements and all the teams step up the preparation and the competition.

Congratulations to all. All the games were determined by the point system. Every game won has a corresponding point and the points were tallied after the Finale.


    Team Bayanihan- Overall Champion FPM Summer Fun 2017

Team Pasaway Champs

Team Kapitbisig




The Overall Champion were the Team Bayanihan garnered the most number of points, Team Kapitbisig -1st Runner up, and the Team Pasaway Champs the 2nd runner up. Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants for making this event a resounding success. Everybody was a winner in achieving our purpose and objectives of the FPM Summer Fun.

The FPM Summer Fun Organizers Alan Campos, Sol Tulang, Cely Medrano, Fr. Mark Escobar,c.s. with invited judges Nina Lagac & Joy Jimena, (center)




We especially thank Alan Campos for initiating and spearheading the FPM Summer Fun 2017 and to the organizing committee: Sol Tulang, Henry Medrano, Cely Medrano. Thank you to the Team Coordinators and their members, Dindi Zabala, (Team Bayanihan) Edgar Manliclic(Team Kapitbisig) and Nancy Hombrebueno (Team Pasaway Champs). Special thanks to the panel of judges Zeny Avila, Nina Lagac, Joy Jimena, Bernardita Kuartz who helped us to make sure that we have a fair and balance results for the Cheering and Cultural & Talent Competition.

Fr Mark Escobar,c.s.
Administrator of Our Lady of Pompeii Parish

We thank Fr. Mark Escobar, c.s., Administrator of Our Lady of Pompeii for being supportive to all the projects and programs of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry.

Contribution from participant Clement Laurencio of the Pasaway Champs:

“I had the utmost pleasure of joining the FPM Summer Fun 2017. Though intense, I had so much fun practicing, preparing and performing with all my fellow Pasaway Champs team members. The activities, from sports to cultural events, were lively, well organized, and most importantly, fun for everyone to enjoy. I only have the dedicated organizers to thank for a wonderful and action packed week-end.Hopefully I’ll be back for next year’s event. In the meantime, au revoir, et àbientôt!

Contribution from one of the organizers of the Summer Fun 2017 by Sol Tulang:

“The two day “Summer Fun 2017 Event” ended with a Big Bang! Its’ huge success was the result of careful planning and proper coordination among the organizers, team leaders and participants. Unity and camaraderie among team members were evident. Friendship started to bloom. Trust and confidence to the leaders were among the best attributes that made each team won nevertheless the utmost participation of team members. Each one has a unique role and contribution. While Games were played, everyone yelled and cheered to show support. Players showed good sportsmanship which was a nice way to emulate by all as a core value in sports. The lovely performances on Cultural and Talent show and the comedy part rendered by the actors and actresses were the highlight of the evening. This friendly competition of sports and cultural show would not have been possible without the full support of the FPM members, families, guests and the Scalabrinian Fathers of Our Lady of Pompeii Church..




.”Day 3 FPM Summer Picnic was the culmination of the 2 days Summer Fun event held on Sunday September 2. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon good for picnic at the Sunken Meadow State Park. Early morning stroll in the beach and swimming in the afternoon despite the cold water. There were card games, Badminton, line dancing and of course lots of food. Some members were Flying the kite while the others were enthusiastically testing the Drone which is the new thing now. We had a good time at the picnic area until dawn. It was a day well spent, for fun, bonding and a really good time for everyone. We were all ready to go before it started to rain. Thank you to all the Team leaders and members who coordinated the transportation accommodation for their members, the food and activities for the day.

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