Founder … a true Filipino Catholic

FBSison a True Filipino

Fr. Bobby Sison … a true Filipino Catholic

By Manny Pascual

Over a decade ago, after a prayer group meeting we sat with Father Bobby Sison and discussed with him the possibility of publishing a Filipino Catholic newspaper. It was an exciting idea but it took several months before we finally acted on it, thanks to the constant prodding of Father Sison. Without him the Filipino Catholic may never have been born. It was his prayer and his encouragement that made us go through the initial difficulties of starting a publication. And when we finally launched our maiden issue, it was Fr. Bobby who continued to support us and inspire us to meet the challenges of running a truly extraordinary news and information ministry.

Fr. Bobby’s role was not only as spiritual adviser. He actually worked for the Filipino Catholic. He wrote for the paper, promoted it and helped distribute it to the various Filipino Catholic groups in New York. He believed in it and what it can do for the community.

In our first issue, Fr. Bobby wrote: “…Filipino(s) keep the Catholic Church alive by their creative participation in parish activities and Sunday Masses. Their support and loyalty to their Church is evident through collaboration efforts with their parish priests and local Bishops. By witnessing to their faith in spite of difficulties in a foreign land they play an evangelizing and missionary role where ever the are. These is one of the positive contribution of Filipino migrants to their host countries.

The Filipino Catholic can play a very vital role in developing a truly Catholic community of Filipinos… it can mold public opinion and influence the mindset of the younger generation. It can help develop an appreciation of the positive Filipino religious values among the younger generation in the US. It can also enhance the positive socio-religious traditions and values of Filipino Catholic. Through balance and well documented reports on developments in the Catholic Church, it can further deepen their faith and activate their missionary spirit and evangelizing role.

I welcome the Filipino Catholic publications as an added tool for the on-going evangelization of Filipinos and Filipinas in this side of the globe”

Fr. Bobby Sison left us in 2003. But to us, his legacy of brotherhood and his spiritual guidance will live on in the pages of our newspaper.

He was a good man and a great priest whose love and faith are the essence of true Filipino Catholic.

Mr. Manny Pascual is the founder and publisher of the Filipino Catholic, the communication arm of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry.

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