Pope Francis in NY

By | 10 October, 2015




The Celebration of Eucharist for the preservation of peace and justice by His Holiness, Pope Francis. It was a truly an amazing experience and blessing to attend the Mass of Pope Francis held at imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
Madison Square Garden concelebrated by the cardinals, bishops and several hundreds of priests in New York.

The waiting in line for hours with all the faithful to get inside Madison Square Garden was a great experience, patience and respect for one another were on display. Getting through the security check slowed down the entry to the arena but it was worth it for the safety and security of the Pope and everybody.

Despite the tight security in every places he visited, New Yorkers waited patiently to get a glimpse of the Holy Father.

When Cardinal Dolan paid tribute to Pope Francis after the Mass at MSG, tens of thousands of people at the Garden erupted in cheers and applause and gave the Holy Father a standing ovation. Cardinal Dolan said “You, our Holy Father…thanks for visiting us, your family!…And now, here you are! We welcome you! We love you! We need you! We thank you!” I will forever cherish the moment when the humbly smiling Pope Francis acknowledged Cardinal Dolan and every one of us at MSG arena.

I was twice as blessed to see the Pope in person this year, last May 20 for his General Audience at St. Peter’s Square in Rome for the Radio Maria Pilgrimage Trip and in New York on September 25 for his Mass at MSG, which were both memorable spiritual experiences.imageimageimageimage

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